Latest update : 30 August 2018.

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  • The Rise of PBL

    30 August 2018, by JMC

    In the 21st century project-based learning has emerged as a popular and growing pedagogy at all levels of education. Education experts Edutopia, part of the George Lucas Foundation, describe project-based learning as a “dynamic classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge”. It’s something that we have been championing at Engineers Without Borders UK for a number of years now as an important way to educate young (...)

  • OSI – Confidence comes from experiences

    27 August 2018, by JMC

    It’s been twenty minutes and already I’ve learnt six possible solutions to allow local shepherds and wolves to co-exist and how a drone is put together. Welcome to the ‘retransmission’, a weekly event where every Objectif Science International (OSI) group reports on what they’ve been up to during the week’s project.
    We are sitting in the large dining room of the Grand Hotel Le Cervin, St Luc, Switzerland (altitude 1685m). It’s a Saturday afternoon and I’m here to observe and report on the (...)